Do you dream of an in house wellness bath to relax in after a long week? But do you think the current generation of bubble baths limits your freedom of movement and are too difficult and expensive to maintain and use? Or are you sensitive to chlorine, salt or other water disinfectant products? Products that can also damage the technical equipment of your house. Then, perhaps Impluvium’s freshwater “Natural Health Pool” may be just the thing you are looking for.

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What is a “Natural Health Pool”?

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Living water: ecological and healthy

The Natural Health Pool or NHP distinguishes itself from all conventional swimming pools and bubble baths by the use of living water. This means you won’t find chemicals or other potentially harmful products in Impluvium’s wellness baths. Itchy eyes due to chlorine are a thing of the past. The freshwater is filtered in a unique biological manner, without any disinfectants. This makes it very clear and healthy for you to relax and swim. Therefore it is ideal for people who are allergic to chemicals normally used in water filtration as well as for people who are revalidating.

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Water saving and energy efficient

The idea behind the permanent biological water filtration ensures that the water should never be replaced. The NHP just automatically adds water to compensate for water loss due to evaporation or use. Because the water is constantly purified, and it is a relatively large volume of water, we have opted to keep the water at a constant high temperature. It is for this reason that this type of bath is very strongly thermally insulated. The water temperature of the spa can be adjusted according to personal preference from 20-to 35 ° C.

Always ready for use

Always ready for use

Because it is constantly kept at the desired high temperature, the NHP system is always ready for use. This is a very big advantage compared to conventional tubs. There is absolutely no need to start and wait for your wellness bath to heat up, as is traditionally the case. At any time, after a hard day’s work or just because you feel like it, you can just jump in and take a relaxing plunge without ever worrying about heating times.

Minimal maintenance

Minimal maintenance

The unique biological purification system ensures that there is very little maintenance to this type of wellness baths. Chlorine treatments and pH-and alkalinity adjustments are no longer necessary here. With the NHP-system there is, apart from the "vacuuming" of the bottom, no more maintenance that you should perform yourself. Once every three to five years the biofilter should be recycled by our services.

Optimal freedom of movement

Optimal freedom of movement

An NHP from Impluvium is more comparable to an indoor pool than to a Jacuzzi. The standard model measures two by four meters, and is specifically designed to provide in the freedom of movement for two people so that one can easily exercise or relax in the Natural Health Pool. This standard model can double as a hot tub and can provide the luxury of a hot water ecological relaxing bath to up to eight people. The model described above measures length x width x height: 400 x 200 x 90 cm. Each model is however, made ​​to measure and tailored to the needs and wishes of the customer and the available space.

Active and passive relaxation

Active and passive relaxation

The Natural Health Pool is larger than your standard tub. This means you can use the NHP passively by letting yourself be massaged by the water jets. It also allows you to relax actively in the same tub. An Impluvium spa is perfectly equipped because of its size and shape to do your yoga or other exercises.

Completely customizable

Completely customizable

An Impluvium spa can be entirely customized to the needs of the customer. The number of jets, the power and placement is brought in line with the wishes and needs of the customer. The NHP can be built in homes, wellness centres and even in unused garages. You as a customer determine the style in which it is built. Also built-in colour LED lighting makes this relaxing experience complete, even when it gets dark.


Our Story

Jan Moors and his wife Irene are the founders of the family business Crustacare BVBA. Both Iréne and Jan are agricultural/nutrition engineers and are inspired by microbiology, chemistry and engineering. For over 20 years Crustacare has been building industrial holding tanks for crustaceans and shellfish for an international clientele. Water Treatment technology, chemistry and biology have all this time been adapted and improved to suit this purpose.

In 1988 Iréne became involved in a serious car accident.
As a result, to this day she is actively and consciously engaged in recovery and especially the alleviation of the consequences of these injuries. In this process water plays a very important role. At the request of Iréne, we designed a spa in which the accumulated knowledge and experience of the years in this business was embodied. This has led to the "Natural Health Pool", a biologically filtered hot and fresh-water tub which is equally enjoyable relaxing with a glass of champagne as it is suited for rehabilitation exercises. This NHP bath has been in continuous use since 2008. The enjoyment and comfort is above all expectations. Bathing in living water at a high temperature is a unique experience that is very soothing and healing. Therefore not a week goes by without us taking a plunge and enjoying our Natural Health Pool.

Iréne en Jan


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